Service and maintenance

For professional service and maintenance of cranes, go to Tadano Nederland and Tadano Belgium.

Tadano offers its customers expert service and effective maintenance. Besides regular maintenance, customers in the Netherlands and Belgium also have access to the 24-hour repair service. Our well-trained maintenance workers make sure that you can get your work done without worries, every day. Order after order, with minimal delays. With Tadano as your partner, your telescopic cranes will operate at maximum efficiency.

Brake testing? Tadano Nederland
Tadano Nederland has a brake tester up to 16 tons per axle and up to 3 meters wide. Our brake tester can handle any type of heavy vehicle (not just cranes). This brake tester enables us to detect and fix brake problems quickly. We also have the latest digital alignment equipment.

Crane inspections: AMTeK
Our technicians have also been trained to perform AMTeK inspections. The AMTeK inspection can be done each year following an inspection by a TCVT-approved institution to guarantee the safety of the crane. Crane inspection? Call Tadano Nederland: +31 299 39 00 55.